Hi, I'm Jeremy! 


I'm a reporter based in Washington D.C. I write about student trends in higher education for Inside Higher Ed.


So, what does that mean? Student life can be pretty broad, but mostly I focus on free speech issues, campus sexual assault and college athletics. 


My career has been in newspapers. My work has appeared in several local papers, The Washington Post, and The Baltimore Sun. I've covered everything from drag queens to natural disasters, but I was a statehouse reporter for years and my interest has been policy, both education and otherwise. 


I've interviewed white supremacists, politicians, single mothers, David Sedaris and once, an abandoned pig.


I went to school at Towson University outside Baltimore. I thought I was going to be an English teacher, but I preferred annoying elected officials to children. 


I live in D.C. with my terrier mutt Schroeder.


Usually I ask the questions, but have some for me? Here's my résumé and Twitter